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Let's enjoy the red moon
Did you see the total lunar eclipse on July 16, 2000?
The Moon during totality was illuminated dark-red by the morning or evening sunlight passing through the Earth's atmosphere. The sight of the Milky Way lying nearby the eclipsed Moon made a great impression in the hearts of all observers.

We, the LIVE! ECLIPSE Executive Committee webcasted this total lunar eclipse by using know-how of webcasting accumulated by past LIVE! ECLIPSE projects.

After a half year during which this impression still hasn't gone away, the Moon will go into the shadow of the Earth again and will be illuminated dark-red on January 9 (January 10 in Japan), 2001. Moreover, this total lunar eclipse will be visible in Japan at daybreak in the western sky. As the dark-red moon goes down, the color of the sky will change gradually to vivid blue. As befits the first major astronomical event of the 21st century, the scene will be very beautiful.

We, LIVE! ECLIPSE Executive Committee will make full use of a Japanese next generation super-high-speed network, Japan Gigabit Network(JGN) to present images of this lunar eclipse to astronomy lovers throughout the world. We will gather images observed throughout Japan in a center using JGN. We will edit and combine each image of the lunar eclipse into one image, and we will hope you will be able to enjoy the different views of the eclipse as seen in different locations.

Also, during this lunar eclipse , a fixed star will be hidden by the moon, which is called a star eclipse. The sun, the earth, the moon and star will be in a straight line in the dawn sky. We are now working every day to bring you a smooth webcast. All that is left is to pray for fine weather on the big day.
To all lunar eclipse fans throughout the world, December 20, 2000.
Masami Okyudo, Chairperson of the LIVE! ECLIPSE Executive Committee.