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Photo by Tomokazu Mori
September 23, 1987 Ikei island, Okinawa, JAPAN

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Video Image was received!!(August 21 7:30 UT/15:30 Malaysian Local Time)
ECLIPSE CHAT has closed. (August 24 1:00 UT/9:00 Malaysian Local Time)
Solar Images at Other Site(Last Update:September 12)
Pictures Brought by Our Crew(Last Update:August 26)

>>>RE-PLAY Program<<<


We would like to thank all of you for your enthusiasm and support to our program.

We are glad to report to you that we could successfully capture the images of the annular eclipse viewed in Pulau Dayang and of the partial eclipse in Okinawa, Japan, both blessed with clear skies on August 22.

As for the webcasting, we apologize for causing difficulties for some of you to view our live images, which happened because the capacity of our image distribution system could not sufficiently accommodate the huge number of access.

Now we've made ready for you (1) RE-PLAY program of the eclipse highlight and (2) collection of all the still-image captures. So have more fun!

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Infinity Infocus Infinity Infocus(Distributor for Vixen and Meade Instruments)
for observation equipment

Binariang Binariang
for satellite broadcasting equipment, technical support

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for satellite broadcasting equipment, technical support

J-stream J-Stream, Inc.
for RealVideo(R) broadcasting, technical support

Progress Interactive Progress Interactive
for RealVideo(R) encoder, technical support

Profire Profire Co.,Ltd.
for still image capture software "Actiview" & hardware

Sumitomo Metal Sumitomo Metal Systems Development Co., Ltd.
for Java-based chat system "VolanoChat for Java(TM)"

TOMEN Electronics Corp. TOMEN Electronics Corp.
for plugin-less streaming video encoding software "Emblaze Video Pro"

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for astronomical telescope, observation equipment

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for website production support, propaganda to Malaysian Japanese community

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Eclipse Map & Timetable | What Is Annlar Solar Eclipse? | How to Enjoy LIVE! ECLIPSE