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The LIVE is finished successfully.
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The live program was enjoyed by people from 61 countries, achieving 1,270,000 hits.Although the strong wind at the observation site caused some troubles on our equipment, we could witness the prominence and the Bailey's Beads during the eclipse.

LIVE! ECLIPSE 99 annular

LIVE! ECLIPSE 99 Annular

On February 16, The gold ring eclipse is confined to the southern hemisphere .

The Live! Eclipse Executive Committee is a non-profit organization workinghard to present the excitement of solar eclipses and other astronomical events live over the internet, from sites all over the world. We have to date, transmitted the mysteries of the Sun from the cold wastes of Siberia and the tropical summer of the Caribbean and Malaysia. In 1999 we plan to cover live two solar eclipses.
There are two ways to meet the members of Live! Eclipse. The first is to travel to the site of a solar eclipse, because we are sure to be there. The second is to visit our home page. We are looking forward to meeting you on February 16'th and August 11'th at the eclipse locations or at our home page.

January 1999
Committee Chairman
Masami OKYUDO.

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On August 11, the last total solar eclipse of 20th century come. The trajectory of the Moon's shadow carries it across central Europe, Turkey, the Middle East, Pakistan and India (MAP). We are making a plan of multi-point webcasting now.