RE-PLAY Programs Available!!

We would like to thank your great enthusiasm towards Leonids and our project. We are happy to report that we could present the live image from Izu-Kougen, Shizuoka, while we regret for not having been able to provide the image from Hakkaisan, Niigata due to the bad weather. We apologize for not having been able to accommocate all the access, causing some of you difficulties in enjoying our live, due to the unprecedented loads on our servers. Now, a part of our re-play programs are available. We are still preparing for another images and open them as soon as possible.

Chair of LIVE! LEONIDS 98 Executive Committee

Re-play programs available!!

#1 Nov. 18 04:15 JST A Big Fireball and a Meteor Trail

Still Image also available.-->Big Fireball and Meteor Trail

#2 Big Fireball(Same as #1) at the foot of Mt.Fuji
(Still Image)

#3 A lot of Meteor (2-3 per minute)

#4 A shooting star flying in the meteor trail

You need RealPlayer in order to enjoy video images.

The Meteor Captured during Test Videoshooting
(At Misato Observatory)

Leonids Computer Graphics
(By Nagoya City Science Museum Astronomy Section)

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