LIVE! ECLIPSE 2003 Press Release
Aug 22, 2003

LIVE! UNIVERSE starts the webcast project of the total solar eclipse from the Antarctic
-- Man's first observation from the Antarctic in travel journal style --

On August 7th, Non-profit organization LIVE! UNIVERSE (Ohta Ward, Tokyo. The Chairman is Masami Okyudo), which relays astronomical phenomena via various networks, held a kick-off meeting of the project "LIVE! ECLIPSE 2003" which webcasts the total solar eclipse that will be observed in the Antarctic in the morning on November 24 (JST).

10 representatives of LIVE! UNIVERSE attended the kick-off meeting and discussed the direction and process of the project.

A total solar eclipse is the phenomena when the sun is completely hidden behind the moon. When the sun and the moon cross over each other, a little light leaked around the moon makes wonderful "Diamond Ring", and pearl-colored "Corona" which spreads around the sun.In this year, there will be a total solar eclipse seen from the Antarctic for two minutes from 22:40 in UT (or from 7:40 in JST) on November 24.

This total solar eclipse catches the attention from all over the world because this is the first observation of the total solar eclipse from the Antarctic since human beings made a base facility in the Antarctic. Besides, as the eclipse occurs in polar region, we can see the eclipsed sun sweeps just above the horizon. This must be a very interesting phenomenon comparing to the major total solar eclipse which occurs in the daytime.

LIVE! UNIVERSE will open the event web site in the travel journal style. In this site, the information from the observation party is uploaded periodically or in real time. The observation party travels from South Africa to the observation point in the Antarctic by ship. The web site http://www.live-eclipse.org/ will open at the beginning of November.

This is the 17th webcast of the astronomical phenomenon conducted by the LIVE! UNIVERSE, including the former organization LIVE! ECLIPSE Executive Committee and LIVE! LEONIDS Executive Committee. The previous total solar eclipse webcast (http://www.live-universe.org/le2002/) was from Africa and Australia on December 4, 2002 and the access number during the live webcast period (from 14:00 to 19:00) was 6,100,000.

LIVE! UNIVERSE is a non-profit organization, which broadcasts astronomical phenomena such as solar eclipse via the Internet from all over the world. In each project, the observation party sends the images of the astronomical phenomenon from the field via the INMARSAT, INTELSAT, etc. The web sites are always provided in Japanese and English, and have presented astronomical phenomenon to the world as entertainment events. The image taking technology of the solar eclipse has improved each time and has successfully presented beautiful images. Besides, thanks to the spread of broadband, the web contents are used in distance learning at school education or astronomical observatories.

The members participate LIVE! UNIVERSE to try various technologies. They not only get the sense of fulfillment, but also enjoy and believe the value of presenting striking experience of natural phenomenon to the world via the Internet. Webcasting has been performed as LIVE! ECLIPSE Executive Committee and LIVE! LEONIDS Executive Committee since 1997.

These two executive committees were integrated and established as a non-profit organization, LIVE! UNIVERSE in 2002 May. The chairman is Masami Okyudo, Professor of Wakayama University Student Center for Independent Research in the Sciences (Former Director of Misato Observatory).
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