LIVE! ECLIPSE 2003 Press Release
November 20, 2003

LIVE! UNIVERSE presents the first webcast of the total solar eclipse from the Antarctic with the Huge's music
- From 21:40 on Nov. 23 (UT), with the web contents and the live program linked -


Non-profit organization LIVE! UNIVERSE (Ohta Ward, Tokyo. The Chairman is Masami Okyudo), which relays astronomical phenomena via various networks, conducts the project "LIVE! ECLIPSE 2003" which webcasts the total solar eclipse that will be observed in the Antarctic for the first time. The webcast starts from around 21:00 on November 23 (UT) with voices from the observation point, and the commentary program starts from 21:40, when the eclipse begins. The total solar eclipse starts around at 22:40 (UT). In the commentary program, we will explain about the total solar eclipse in the Antarctica with the music of Huge*, the sound creator who has already passed away with unreleased song "Solar Eclipse".

Mr. Ichikawa of the observation party left Japan on November 2 with the baggage of 150 kg, and left from Port Elizabeth in South Africa to the Antarctic on November 5. Mr. Ichikawa sends e-mails or makes phone calls via satellite communication everyday and they are reported on the web page as "The Journal of the Observation Party". The following is the excerpt of the journal.
I talked with some persons in charge and somehow got a space for the baggage near my cabin. The crews seem to be saying that I am a crazy Japanese with astounding amount of baggage. I asked if there was another group who webcasts the solar eclipse. I found a group from Iran, but they gave up. I confirmed that only LIVE! UNIVERSE webcasts the solar eclipse. Besides, I checked the past data with other researchers on the ship and found that we are the first group who observes the solar eclipse in Antarctic.

The observation party will arrive at the planned observation point "Shackleton Ice Shelf" on the day before the total solar eclipse. On the webcast day, wide-angle images of the sun, zoomed up images of the sun, the images of the scenery and so on, will be sent from the Antarctic. We implemented the structure which sends the environmental information such as illuminance or temperature at the observation point in real time. In this structure, the data taken with ECOLOG* at the observation point are sent separately from the images, and their changes are displayed in graphs as one of the web contents. Besides, we will try to link the web page and the live program. We will simulate the movement of the moon shadow crossing the Antarctic, sun and moon movement seen from the observation point and so on in real time. The webcast is free and can be seen in http://www.live-eclipse.org/.To see the data of the observation point and the simulation, FLASH plug-in is necessary. To see the data of the observation point and the simulation, FLASH plug-in is necessary.

In the commentary program, members of LIVE! UNIVERSE appear and explain how to enjoy how to enjoy the telephone calls from the Antarctic. Besides, we will have Mr. Minoru Kubota (Communications Researcher Laboratory Applied Research and Standards Division International Arctic Environment Research Project Group Senior Researcher) as a guest and he will talk about various information of Antarctic area. We will also introduce the episodes happened during this whole project. When the project began we were not intended to use BGM. However, triggered by an e-mail from a certain mother, we decided to use BGM in the program. The e-mail went like this:
My son was a sound creator, but passed away this June at only 21 years old. While cleaning his computer, I found many music he was going to release. Among them I found a song "Solar Eclipse" whose melody is so touching and I felt that I was facing a solar eclipse, which I have never seen. After that, I began to use the Internet and found the word "Solar Eclipse" in your site. Instantly, I thought that I would like to recommend his music.

The Chairman, Mr. Masami Okyudo, made a following remark about the encounter with Huge as follows:
I reassured that there is warmth of people in the Internet which connects inorganic substance like computers with fiber cables. We wanted to grant his mother's wish and asked her to send a tape of his music. This tape was the first encounter with Huge. Listening to "Solar Eclipse" gave the image that the eclipse was advancing silently. At the same time, we couldn't help thinking about a short life of a talented young man.

* Profile of Huge
Sound Creator. The birth name is Haruchika Urushibata. 1981-2003. When he was in the third grade of high school, he made a remix music using a vocal track recorded in "kanariya", Ayumi Hamasaki's 300,000 limited single CD. The remix was selected in "ayu-mix Non-stopmega mix", and included in a CD. After that, he made remixed many songs of Ayumi Hamasaki, etc. He also applied to "Arrange Contest 2001 featuring Yoko Kazuya" in "Keyboard Magazine" of rittor music. His music was selected as the highest award. This work was recorded in the supplement CD of this magazine's June edition in 2001. He made 80 pieces of original music during 3 years in high school. After he graduated from high school, he challenged to various genres of music, such as R&B, HIPHOP, 2STEP, HOUSE and TRANCE. He created music that is not limited in one genre day by day, but while composing at home, on June 25, 2003, he passed away. Age at death !
was 21. In his computer, there were several hundreds of original music that had not released yet. He wanted to be a composer and an arranger. "Solar Eclipse" was composed when he was 20 years old. Support web page for Huge

Handy card-size data logger which have built-in 5 sensors of temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, luminance, and sound. When connected to a PC, you can make various measurements automatically in easy operations.http://www.rika.com/com/ecolog.htm

The next press release will be issued by an e-mail only on November 24 as the flash report.

[ About the total solar eclipse in the Antarctic ]
A total solar eclipse is the phenomena when the sun is completely hidden behind the moon. When the sun and the moon cross over each other, a little light leaked around the moon makes wonderful "Diamond Ring", and pearl-colored "Corona" which spreads around the sun.This year, the total solar eclipse can bee seen from the Antarctic region for almost 2 minutes in 22:00 to 23:00 of November 23 (UT). As the total solar eclipse occurs mainly in the daytime, this total solar eclipse of the midnight sun is very interesting. Besides, as the eclipse occurs in polar region, we can see the eclipsed sun sweeps just above the horizon. There was a total solar eclipse in Antarctic in the past, but there is no observation record. Therefore, this will be the very first total solar eclipse observed in the Antarctic. The next total solar eclipse will occur in 2021.

LIVE! UNIVERSE is a non-profit organization, which broadcasts astronomical phenomena such as solar eclipse via the Internet from all over the world. The web sites are always provided in Japanese and English, and have presented astronomical phenomenon to the world as entertainment events. The main backbone is the large scale networks of individual volunteers and industry-government-academia organizations. The web contents are used in distance learning at school education or astronomical observatories. Webcasting has been performed as LIVE! ECLIPSE Executive Committee and LIVE! LEONIDS Executive Committee since 1997. These two executive committees were integrated and established as a non-profit organization, LIVE! UNIVERSE in 2002 May. The chairman is Masami Okyudo, Professor of Wakayama University Student Center for Independent Research in the Sciences (Former Director of Misato Observatory).
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