LIVE! ECLIPSE 2005 Annular Press Release
2 September, 2005

LIVE! UNIVERSE will webcast the annular eclipse from Madrid onOctober 3rd.

The coming solar eclipse can be observed in such huge areas as the whole Europe, almost every part of Africa, the eastern part of Russia, the Middle East and India.

The red line marked on the observation map tells you that the whole solar eclipse, or Corona can be seen in these areas. In these countries, the sun is expected to be eclipsed as its partial solar-eclipse. Soon the annular eclipse, the thin ring around dark moon will appear for four minutes until it goes back to its partial eclipse. In other places, no one can expect to see the annular eclipse except for the partial eclipse.

The shadow from the moon, which causes the annular to come up, will start its big journey at the northern part of Portugal and traverse huge areas such as Spain, the Mediterranean Sea, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Sudan, and Kenya until it reaches the Indian Ocean.

The annular eclipse will show its beautiful shape for four minutes and more. This is the longest one, which we have been web casted.

In Madrid, the solar eclipse is expected to appear as follows:
Partial eclipse begins 07:40
Annular eclipse begins 08:55
Annular eclipse ends 09:00
Partial eclipse ends 10:23

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