Press Release No. 1 May 14, 2002

LIVE! ECLIPSE and LIVE! LEONIDS Executive Committees are integrated into a non-profit organization LIVE! UNIVERSE

Two volunteer groups LIVE! ECLIPSE and LIVE! LEONIDS Executive Committees, that have relayed astronomical phenomena via various networks, were integrated and established a non-profit organization, LIVE! UNIVERSE.

Since 1997 LIVE! ECLIPSE and LIVE! LEONIDS Executive Committees (Chairman of the both was Masami Okyudo, Director of Misato Observatory) have relayed astronomical phenomena, such as solar eclipse and Leonids, via the internet from all over the world. These webcasts were carried out by volunteers gathered for each event.
It turned out to be indispensable that we need to establish a regular organization and funds for stable network distribution, and we decided to establish LIVE! UNIVERSE, with regulations and membership fees to enhance our activities.

The objective of LIVE! UNIVERSE is to contribute to society by presenting the phenomena and events in astronomy and space science around the globe via various networks. By taking space science into account, we will approach new projects such as webcasting the launch of rockets, not only the astronomical phenomena like eclipses and Leonids. The administrative cost will be covered by membership fees. The office is located in Koto Ward, Tokyo.


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