Press Release No. 5 June 11, 2002, 5:00 p.m.

<Flash Report> Rare image of the solar eclipse -- Red ring between the clouds in Mexico
-- Active usage of the webcast in satellite classes and observation sessions --


Non-profit organization LIVE! UNIVERSE (Koto Ward, Tokyo. Chairman is Masami Okyudo), which relays astronomical phenomena via various networks, has broadcasted the annular and partial solar eclipse via the internet from 6:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. on June 11.
The Chairman of LIVE! UNIVERSE, Mr. Okyudo made the following remark on this webcast.

Though this eclipse occurred during the approach of a typhoon to Japan, we could webcast the image of partially eclipsed sun from 4 observation points out of 6 (except for Nakanoshima in the Tokara Islands where the typhoon hit directly and Katsushika in Tokyo). It is striking that we could relay the annular eclipse with beautiful Baily's Beads from Tinian Island, and that we could relay the very rare image of red ring sunset among clouds from Mexico, though we once considered intermitting the webcast due to poor weather and equipment troubles.

In Soul, Korea, network researchers of both Korea and Japan teamed up for this broadcast as one of the cooperative projects. This is a memorable event for both countries, especially while the friendship is enhanced by the World Cup.

In addition, we succeeded in connecting to satellite-based internet from Nakanoshima in Tokara Islands though we could not capture the image of the sun because of the typhoon. This provides us a great possibility of webcasting the total solar eclipse from Nakanoshima in 2009.

By the way, though this eclipse was observed early in the morning, there were so many events that utilize the webcast and actual observation in schools and facilities throughout the nation. There are many remarks that people could feel the immense size of the earth because the percentage of the eclipse of actual sun and the webcasted sun differs.

The next solar eclipse will occur on December 4, a total solar eclipse which starts from Africa, crossing Indian Ocean, and ends in Australia. LIVE! UNIVERSE will also relay this total solar eclipse.


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