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Up and Coming "Tricircle"

Our 3 member group is at its harmonious best when we play in a natural way rather than when we try to express a natural phenomenon in our music. Thinking to discover a new music methodology in this hybrid eclipse produced by the sun, moon and earth, we have produced this image song, "Tricircle". Please listen to our music while watching the pictures of the hybrid eclipse in Panama on April. 8th. We hope that the relay of broadcast of the eclipse will be successful. (Kunihiro Tsuji)


==The Pacific Ocean==
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HYBRID solar eclipse

When the Sun and the Moon align in a line, total solar eclipse or annular eclipse takes place; the former arises when the moon covers the photosphere of the sun because the visible size of the moon is larger than that of the sun, while the latter arises when the moon does not cover the sun completely because the the moon appears smaller than that of the sun, leaving a ring effect.
This time, we are very happy to inform you of a very special rare phenomenon; the total eclipse and the annular eclipse take place at the same time because the visible size of the sun and that of the moon are identical. The observation places are in the offing of New Zealand and in the offing of Middle America; in the former, the total eclipse will be seen, and in the latter the annular will be seen.
We would like to invite you to the drama in the universe by observing the two solar eclipses through our net-service; the annular eclipse will be broadcasted from our observation place on the Isthmus of Panama and the total eclipse will be from our observation place on the Pacific Ocean. The latest event of this kind took place on 1987, and the following one will be in 2013.

Eclipse baand & Observation point