Program Schedule

3 October 2005
Webcast Start 07:30
Webcast End 09:30
(Universal Time)

Observing Location

Spain, Madrid

(Universal Time)
Partial eclipse start:
Annular eclipse start:
Annular eclipse end:
Partial eclipse end:
Annular eclipse duration:
4min 11sec


Observer 's blog

Live Ended!

The highlight movie uploaded.

Dear friends!

This is a good news from LIVE! UNIVERSE. There comes an annular to Madrid, Spain on the 3rd of October; this is the second solar eclipse in 2005. The shadow of the moon traverses the Atlantic Ocean to the Indian Sea, passing through the Iberian Peninsula and the northern-eastern part of Africa. We will be webcasting the eclipse from the capital of Spain, Madrid. This annular solar eclipse will be the longest one in our projects.

Here we must note that our webcasting city, Madrid has not only a long history but also the most highly advanced IT resources so that we can webcast the annular eclipse successfully.

With the warmest cooperation from our new friends in Madrid, we are making good preparations by adopting broadband network in the city so that multi and high quality images can be simultaneously broadcast to the world.

To all people in the world, hopefully, we can send the best images of the eclipse and beautiful streets of Madrid. We will appreciate your warm prayers for the weather of Madrid on the 3rd of October so that our international project will be successfully accomplished. Thank you.