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Diffused Leonids meteor

Taken at Nevada, USA in 18th Nov.. Several photos taken in 03:20 - 04:50(PST) were composed. Connected lines in below is the Leo which headed to right, and upper is the Great Bear. You can see meteors running around from center of the Leo's head. The long light line from center of the image to right-down is an artificial satellite.

Closing Statement from Chair

November 18'th, Nevada, USA

To all viewers of our broadcast,

The 1999 Leonid meteor storm peaked, as forecast on November 18'th at 2pm (GMT), centered over Europe. Unfortunately, the site we prepared in Sicily, was clouded over at the time of the peak and we couldn't get any images from there.

However from our site in Nevada, USA several meteors every ten minutes entered our viewing area and we were able to broadcast these exciting images. Based on our observations, it is possible to estimate an hourly rate(HR) of several hundred meteors.

During the first half of our long 48 hour coverage we saw almost no meteors and also experienced some equipment problems. We would like to apologize to our viewers for any inconvenience incurred as a result.

In the near future we shall edit the video images we obtained and show the best again on our home page. Please check in again soon and have a look!

We would like to take this opportunity express our thanks to the many organizations and individuals whose assistance made this broadcast possible.

We look forward to meeting you all again at the next astronomical event!

Masami Okyudo
Executive Committee Chairman
(Head Astronomer - Misato Observatory, Japan)

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