November 19 Webcast starts

Observation point : Amman (Jordan)
Begins at 18:00 (UT) on November 18 / ENDED

Live webcast from Amman (Live)

Observation point : Tenerife Island (Spain)
Begins on November 24 / On Air

Webcast of the images recorded on the midnight of November 19 (Recorded contents)


Observation point : Kanto region (Japan)
Begins on the morning of November 19 / On Air

Webcast of the images recorded on the midnight of November 18 (Recorded contents)

Observation point : Yokohama City (Japan)

Webcast of the sound of radio observation (Live)

(In UT)
November 18
18:00 Live webcast from Jordan begins
around 21:00 The Leo appears on the horizon in Jordan
23:00 Live webcast form Tenerife Island begins
November 19
around 00:00 The Leo appears on the horizon in Tenerife Island
around 04:00 First peak of Leonids
04:06 Sunrise in Jordan. Live webcast form Jordan ends
07:00 Live webcast form Tenerife Island ends

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- Countdown simulator of Leonids
- Live webcast
- Forecast of Leonids
- Lecture on meteor "Nights full of shooting stars" (in three parts)
- Technical feature of webcast
- Supporters
- Links

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